bePRO: Cycling Power Meter - Favero Electronics


Professional quality at a price for amateurs

With bePRO, even an amateur cyclist can count on a professional cycling power meter. bePRO combines cutting edge technology with easy use and installation. Mounted on the cranks, it provides accurate, objective power output data in any environmental condition and at any temperature.
Installation is quick and simple: the power meter can be installed in just a few easy steps, without the assistance of a mechanic, and without needing to modify the transmission, remove the wheels, or install external sensors. The commitment to innovation shared by all our engineers and qualified technicians provides an added value in the search for innovative technical and manufacturing solutions that allows us to optimize production costs, and offer excellent value for your money.


It is thanks to its great passion for sports that Favero Electronics can offer, to both competitive and amateur cyclists, a high quality cycling power meter, completely designed and produced in Italy.
In-depth knowledge of a cyclist’s needs enables us to offer just the right products, that will transform competition and training into a real growth experience.

bePRO power meter is light, compact, rechargeable, and easy to install. It accurately and reliably measures power output data, meets the most common standards, and has successfully passed strict quality control tests.